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To provide emergency medical care to the sick and injured, transportation to a medical facility, and ongoing education in the community. We are committed to providing these services in the Town of Galway and adjacent areas.


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GEMS Service


2021: Total calls: 609; Mileage 20,124

2020: Total calls: 491; Mileage 16,225

2019: Total calls: 476; Mileage 15,910

2018: Total calls: 390; Mileage 13,627

2017: Total calls: 418; Mileage 14,511

2016: Total calls: 428; Mileage 14,215

2015: Total calls: 441; Mileage 13,544

2014: Total calls: 445; Mileage 15,553

2013: Total calls: 366; Mileage 12,132

2012: Total calls: 373; Mileage 12,729

2011: Total calls: 362; Mileage 11,712

2010: Total calls: 324; Mileage 10,587

2009: Total calls: 336; Mileage 11,154

2008: Total calls: 312; Mileage 9528

2007: Total calls: 290; Mileage: 8024

2006: Total calls: 304; Mileage: 8100




We have American Red Cross Instructors on site for CPR, First Aid and Baby Sitting courses. If interested in one

or all courses call 882-1234 or stop in for information and registration




* Membership - If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and joining Galway Emergency Medical Services, please fill out a membership application, print the form and mail it to Galway Emergency Medical Services; P.O. Box 52; Galway, NY. 12074 and a member of our Membership Committee will contact you.


* Sign Messages v If you are interested in having a message appear on the Galway Emergency Medical Services sign, please send your request to the webmaster. Only non-profit related messages will be accepted.


* Medication List - Please download and fill out completely both front and back of this form and KEEP IT IN YOUR KITCHEN FREEZE DOOR. ("Why you ask?" This is a uniform location and our members have been instructed to look there in case you are unresponsive and all your vital information will be there for us. PLEASE KEEP THIS LIST UPDATED.